Kid-Friendly Features for Your Backyard

If you’re like many families, it’s tough to get away from it all. Between your work and their homework and extracurriculars, you are likely just want to relax on the sofa after a long day. Kids, of course, have plenty of energy to burn so what they need are exciting things to do in their own backyard. You can design your yard with features that will impress the kids and enhance your family time at home.

Kid-Friendly Features for Your Backyard

Slanted Playhouse

If you have a natural slant or hillside in your backyard, it’s just waiting for a customized playhouse with slides. It’s always gratifying to work with natural landscape features. Since slopes can be difficult to mow and landscape, it makes sense to transform it or part of it for a fun feature that kids will enjoy. We can design the play with planked ladders for climbing, ropes, and windows that allow kids to look out over the yard.

Kids’ Garden

The sooner you teach your kids to dig and plant seeds, the sooner they’ll be able to weed for you! A child’s garden can include plants that will appeal to little hands. Your child can tend the food items they love to enjoy like carrots or tomatoes. They can plant raspberry or blackberry shrubs. A kids’ garden is a learning activity as they must take care to spot signs of pests. They’ll learn when and how much to water their plants and how to care for them.

Custom Playground

We often build playgrounds for backyards. While many people are satisfied with commercially available apparatus, we can also design custom features. For instance, swings suspended from pergolas enhance kids’ fun as well as the look of your outdoor living space. We can include age-appropriate features that are easy to install and remove when kids are ready to move onto other types of equipment. From climbing nets and slides to gliders and bridges, backyard playground features will delight your kids and help them burn off that after-school energy!

Covered Sandbox

There are sandboxes and then there are designer sandboxes complete with canopy top and built-in features like racetracks and ramps for toy cars and a parking garage for toy dump trucks and tractors. A sandbox is a classic kid-friendly feature, but there’s no reason you can’t design one to suit your child’s interests. Just because you can’t get to the beach whenever you want to doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy that beach vibe in your own yard. We can even help you install a garden pond to accompany your sandbox!

Obstacle Courses and Fitness Fun

If your kids love to move, why not create a challenging obstacle course in your yard? We can make use of rustic and organic materials to build a setting that blends in well to your property. From earthen tunnels to balance beams and rope swings, an obstacle course can enhance kids’ fitness and ensure that they have fun right in their own backyards.

If you want to transform your yard with kid-friendly features, be sure to discuss what you kids enjoy doing. We can help you design their ultimate fun space.

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