Kitchen Upgrades that Will Help You Sell Your Home

Real estate experts will tell you that one of the best ways to enhance your home’s value is to update its kitchen. Sometimes a complete remodeling job is called for, but if you’re planning to sell soon, you might not want to invest the time or expense into a total overhaul. You can, however, upgrade certain elements of the kitchen to bolster your home’s marketability. The following are some kitchen upgrade ideas that are bound to impress potential home buyers.


If your kitchen countertops look dated or are in a state of disrepair, it makes fiscal sense to replace them. You can build their cost into your home’s asking price. The fact is, scratched countertops aren’t just unsightly; they can be difficult to clean–and that could turn off potential buyers. Many house hunters will be looking closely at the kitchen and if you want to wow them, choose granite countertops. While more expensive than many other options, they have great appeal. On the other hand, if cost is an issue, even a clean laminate replacement will be an improvement over damaged countertops.


A kitchen’s flooring can take a serious beating over time. As one of the areas that typically sees the most foot traffic, the kitchen floor in your home may contain scratches from pets, dents from children’s toys, or discoloration from cleaning products and spills. Although many house hunters love the look of hardwood, that’s not necessarily the route you want to go in your kitchen. You can save money and still choose a low-maintenance flooring option like laminate or vinyl to upgrade your kitchen’s appearance.


Dated cabinets can ruin the effect of a well-functioning kitchen. If your kitchen cabinets are old and worn, you can replace them. On the other hand, you might choose to refinish them or even paint them before listing your house on the market. If your cabinets are damaged or loose, we can secure them to make sure they’re safe. As a quick and inexpensive upgrade, swap out the old knobs and pulls for chic modern ones. Sometimes this transforms the look of cabinetry–and can cost you less than $100.

New Sink

A sink is a relatively easy update. We can replace your old sink with a new one as well as a new sink faucet to update your kitchen. There are many different sink styles available today. Your best bet is to choose a sink and faucet that complements your kitchen’s decor. If you have a country kitchen, it makes sense to opt for a farmhouse sink. On the other hand, you might want to select a contemporary style in most other cases. If your current sink is in good condition, you can simply update the faucet fixture to ensure a chic modern look for your space.

You don’t have to spend a fortune and completely revamp your kitchen to entice potential buyers. With some strategic updates like those mentioned here, you can invest in upgrades that are most likely to impress house hunters.

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