Living Room Built-Ins That Will Enhance Your Space

A living room can be a sanctuary space for your home. It can be a place to relax or entertain. The key to enjoying your living room is to have space for your items so that you can avoid having a room filled with clutter. Built-ins can help you achieve an organized space while enhancing the appearance of your living room. We can help you install custom built-ins. Keep these ideas in mind.

Built-In Media Display and Cabinetry

A media center is a great way to keep all your media equipment and gear together but you might not want to devote floor space to one. Think about installing a wall-based media center with a cut-out area to mount your flat-screen television and cabinetry for your DVDs and other media supplies. You can install this custom unit above your fireplace or on any wall you prefer. It will leave you with more floor space while still keeping your media-related items all in one convenient place.

Craftsman-Style Cabinets

Add an artistic touch to your living room with some craftsman-style cabinets that flank your fireplace or bay window. Create high-quality wood cabinets that feature a finish that complements your décor or paint them to reflect a more modern aesthetic. You can use these cabinets to store any types of item ranging from candles to books.

Floor-to-Ceiling Bookcases

If you have a large book collection or other items you’d like to display on shelves, consider installing floor-to-ceiling bookcases. You can install them on an entire wall or simply install a few narrow sections to flank your windows. You can transform these bookcases into decorative features, displaying beautiful leather-bound books, porcelain vases, pottery, or other items.

Corner Display Cabinets

Be sure to make the most of your living room’s corners with built-in cabinetry. Consider corner pieces with a glass display top and below enclosed cupboards. You can showcase a few pieces of your favorite art glass while storing items like magazines on the cupboards below. When you contract with us for these types of built-ins, we can create them in a style that is in keeping with your living room décor or the era of your house’s construction.

Window Bench Cabinets

We can install cabinets below windows that double as bench-style seats topped with comfortable seat cushions. Within these cabinets you can store a wide range of household items like magazines, throw blankets, and seasonal items. Not only will you have more seating to enjoy, but you’ll also have plenty of enclosed storage to keep your space organized.

When designing your living room built-ins, we can use any type of material you like, including any types of wood you prefer or even green materials like reclaimed wood. You can choose from different hardware styles to enhance the style of your built-ins. Tell us when you have in mind and we’ll start working on a design that suits your needs and style. Our new living room built-ins will give you the display space and storage you need while helping you keep your room organized and neat.

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