Making over Your Galley Kitchen

A galley kitchen is characterized by a long and narrow space. Even though space appears at a minimum, a galley kitchen can make optimum use of the available space, which leads to a highly functional kitchen setting. If you have kitchen space that lends itself to the galley style, consider the following make-over ideas that can help you create an all-star galley kitchen that meets all your household’s needs.

Modernize the Corridor

The galley kitchen style typically features a long and narrow corridor flanked by two parallel counters with sections for a sink and appliances. This type of kitchen takes its name from old ship’s kitchens known as the galley. When making over your galley space, consider updating its look with sleek modern features like stainless steel appliances and chic quartz countertops. You can enhance this contemporary look by opting for stainless cabinetry outfitted with glass doors. A modern take on the galley style is sure to lend a contemporary touch of charm to your home.

Open up the Floor Plan

Without deviating too much from the traditional galley style, you might consider opening up one of your gallery walls to reveal your family room or dining room. Although you’ll necessarily lose upper cabinet space, you’ll still have the long counter and lower cabinetry as well as the upper cabinetry on the opposite side of the corridor. If you feel too closed in by your traditional galley kitchen, this is a great way to update the space while still maintaining that gallery feel that is so conducive to cooking with ease.

Enhance the Way You Cook

To make the most of your small gallery space, it makes sense to keep all your cooking apparatus and appliances on one side of your galley so that the opposite side can be used for food preparation and your sink. Many home cooks love the gallery style because everything seems easily in reach; however, galleys can also become crowded in large households. For this reason, it also makes sense to keep your refrigerator (a popular household appliance) on the open end of your galley kitchen so it can be accessed easily by others even when you’re cooking. Our contractors can help you design your galley space so that it accommodates your entire household.

Go High

Although high cabinetry can be touch to access, it still provides outstanding storage space for items you don’t use on a daily basis such as mixing bowls or bake ware. If you have a pantry, however, you might install high shelving instead in order to show off a special kitchen collection like vintage cooking items or even cookbooks. To maximize cabinet space, have one of our contractors install a long and narrow overhead pan rack to hang your pots and pans.

You can transform your galley kitchen into the most functional and space-optimized settings of your house. Keep in mind that an updated kitchen is also a great way to add value to your home. Be sure to contact us so we can help you plan and implement the galley kitchen of your dreams.


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