Modern Victorian Makeover

Whether you live in an actual Victorian home or have simply  adopted elements of Victorian architecture and style for your home, you may want to consider updating this style with creature comforts that pair well with this historical era. Updating your home can enhance your enjoyment of your space, but it can also boost home value. If you are thinking about giving your home the Victorian treatment with a modern twist, the following information can help.

Gingerbread Flair

One of the most popular aspects of exterior Victorian style is color. If you think about the painted ladies of a city like San Francisco, you might be wondering if bright contrasting colors can work for your modern Victorian makeover. If you’re planning to sell your home, it’s always a good idea to stick to a neutral color palette, but if you’re staying put, there’s no reason that you can’t achieve a bold color scheme that suits your Victorian dreams. We can help you select colors, prepare your exterior, and apply the paint if you’re ready to give your home the Victorian color treatment.

Interior Wall Treatments

You can enhance your home’s interior by adding color and texture to your walls. Typically, Victorian designers would opt for unremarkably colored halls that wouldn’t compete with larger rooms. The rooms themselves might be opulently designed with patterned wallpaper in rich jewel tone hues. There are many Victorian reproduction wallpapers available today that you can use. However, if you want to take a modern twist on the aesthetic, you should consider applying this heavy type of paper to one wall rather than all of them.


A great way to incorporate Victorian style into your home is by focusing on your lighting fixtures. From chandeliers to wall fixtures, your lighting features can evoke your style in a bright way. Again, there are many reproductions available. If you want the real thing, talk to us. We might be able to help you source vintage lighting fixtures that can be refurbished for your home. When considering where to add Victorian light fixtures, consider your front hall or dining room, two areas where a sense of Victorian drama is sure to be appealing.

Floor Plan

Original Victorian homes tend to encompass our idea of “traditional.” Their rooms had definite purpose. Sitting rooms were for entertaining. Dining rooms were not kitchens. If you want to evoke this Victorian sensibility, you might consider adding a bit of separation to open floor plans to denote the different purposes that each of your rooms have. We can add elements like raised floors or half walls to lend definition to each area of your home. We can also add new rooms which will add to the value of your home considerably.

Consider these ideas when you develop a plan for your Victorian makeover. Victorian style can enhance the look of your home and transform it into the space you crave. When planning your makeover, be sure to talk to us. We can often help our clients source materials for a great rate that suits their budgets.

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