Must-Have Features for Large Properties

If you have an extensive property or landscape, you may be wondering how to make the most of your land and how to enjoy it while enhancing the value of your property. Installing special features on your property is a great way to invest in your home. The following are a few ways to update your setting with property features you’re sure to love.

Tennis Anyone?

If you have a household that loves to play tennis, consider installing a first-class tennis court on your expansive property. Experienced contractors can build a court on your setting where your family and friends can play tennis whenever the urge strikes. Playing tennis is a great way to maintain fitness and spend time outdoors, but a tennis court will also enhance your property value as it’s a special feature that many home buyers shop for when scouring the market for a home.

Thematic Garden

A themed garden will make an attractive addition to your property. Whether you’re interested in installing a low-maintenance garden or a garden that complements the style of your home, this type of feature is sure to enhance your setting. Consider installing a natural prairie garden, a relaxing Zen garden, or even a fragrance garden filled with fragrant plants like jasmine, roses, and lavender. There are many garden styles, but you can select one the suits your taste.


If you have a lot of land, you might want to install outbuildings like a barn, a large shed, or an oversized garage or warehouse. Consider your hobbies. Perhaps you enjoy restoring old cars; you can build a garage that suits your favorite pastime. If you love to garden, you can build a shed with an attached greenhouse so you can maintain tropical plants any time of year. We can build any type of outbuilding to your specifications.


You can install an in-ground pool in your backyard to transform your property into a resort-like setting. A pool can take up substantial land space, but if you have a large property, you can install a pool size that meets your family’s needs. A pool makes a terrific focal point for your setting where you can entertain friends. You can also build a cabana to accompany your pool and enhance the value of your property.

Outdoor Kitchen

A sprawling patio with an outdoor kitchen is a wonderful way to extend your home’s living space. You can spend more time outside enjoying the weather when you can cook and entertain using your backyard kitchen. We can help you install a state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen where you can cook up a feast for friends and family any time you like.

Update your property with features like these to fill your space and enhance the property value of your home.


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