Potting Shed Dreams

If you enjoy gardening and perfecting your landscape on a regular basis, you owe it to yourself to design the potting shed of your dreams. Whether your dream shed is a rustic retreat where you can re-pot work undisturbed or a lovely garden structure that enhances the look of your home, you can design and build a potting shed that suits your needs. We can help you remodel an existing shed to your specifications or design and build a structure from the ground up. With the following ideas, you can begin to plan your own perfect shed.

Classic Work-Space Potting Shed

The classic potting shed offers the gardener of the home all the workspace they need to pot and repot plants, store garden implements, and work on special landscape and garden projects. When designing a shed to fulfill gardening needs, you’ll want to talk to your contractor about materials selection. If you’re open to creating a rustic shed, you might consider using reclaimed materials to build an eco-friendly structure. You might also consider designing your potting shed to include plenty of storage space for yard and garden tools.

Potting Shed and Green House

Having a garden workspace that also doubles as a space to start plants from seeds or grow tender plants may be the ideal structure for your landscape. In fact, a contractor can help you transform your shed to include an entire “conservatory wing.” You can have skylights installed to let in the sun or simply transform a window into a small-scale greenhouse space for plants. In some cases, builders can even use old windows to create an affordable greenhouse wing for your shed.

Potting Shed and Wildlife Refuge

If you happen to be a gardener that also enjoys keeping rabbits and chickens or simply maintaining a wildlife garden, you can design your shed to be animal friendly. Many home gardeners feature attached chicken coops or other spaces where animals can be kept, groomed, or simply enjoyed as companions. Again, your contractor can help you design and build animal-friendly features including hutches and fencing.

Garden Retreat

For many, the perfect garden shed has less to do with soil and seeds and more to do with relaxation and decorative charm. You can transform a garden shed into the ideal place to relax with a pitcher of lemonade, a pot of tea, and a stack of good books. In many cases, homeowners can take their design cues for their shed from their home. You can create a shed using the same materials as your home in order to integrate it beautifully onto your grounds. If you’re looking for a luxurious retreat space, your contractor can even help you install air conditioning and heat so you can enjoy your shed in a controlled climate.

With our help, you can easily design your perfect garden shed. So, start thinking about materials, colors, and the distinctive features that will make your shed a custom fit for you and your household needs. Contact us if you need any help.

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