Refresh Your Dining Room with These Makeover Ideas

Give your dining room a brand-new look and some improved functionality. Depending on your household’s needs, you can revamp your space to fulfill those needs. For many homeowners, the dining room isn’t just a place to gather for meals, but it’s a place to catch up on work, supervise homework, or simply relax with a cup of coffee. Consider the following makeover ideas to transform your dining room setting into a space that does everything you need it to.

Formal Flair

If you have a dine-in kitchen, you may be hoping to create a formal dining room where you can entertain family, friends, and even colleagues who visit your home. To add formal flair to your dining room, our contractors can add crown molding to your space, a ceiling medallion, and new lighting fixtures that dramatically lend an upscale look to any room. We can also create recessed spaces in your walls to showcase pottery, candelabras, or wall sconces.


One of the easiest ways to refresh the look of your dining room is to apply fresh paint or change its wallpaper. You might opt for the latest paint trend or choose something that complements the era of your home or its overall decor. We can professionally paint or wallpaper your dining room with minimum disruption to your household because our team works efficiently. We can help you source paint or wallpaper so you get the best deal on supplies.

Beautiful Built-Ins

Built-in cabinetry can elevate the look of your dining room but it also provides essential storage space. Where do you stow your holiday dishes or fine china? Maybe you have a collection of crystal glassware or a silver tea service. We can custom build cabinetry in accordance with your specifications. We can also create built-ins designed to hold trays or serving dishes to improve the functionality of your dining space.

Multi-Functional Uses

For many families, the dining room often does double duty as a craft room, homework station, and even a home office. Let us help you revamp your space with an eye toward multi-functionality. We can create some custom builds or modify furnishings / counter-tops so they can fulfill the functionality you need. Counters can easily transition from serving table to homework space, for example. With some savvy storage solutions, you can keep items out of sight until you need them.


If your dining room has some space to spare, you can add some relaxing elements to the room. A pair of lounge chairs near a window is the ideal place to enjoy a morning or evening cup of tea. If you don’t have much extra room once your dining table and buffet are installed, you might consider allowing us to build an alcove and window seat where you can get cozy with your favorite reads.

Tell us about your dining room makeover ideas. We’d love to help bring your vision to life. In many cases, the enhancements you make to this space can even improve the value of your home.

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