Rustic Bathroom Style

Making over your bathroom is a fun project that can enhance your  enjoyment  of your home. Major renovations and upgrades in the bathroom can even enhance your home’s value. If you’re planning to transform your bathroom space into a rustic space, there are many ways you can go about it. We can help you plan, source material, and implement your desired changes.


When choosing a color for your walls, accents, and furnishings, you’ll probably want to stick with a natural color palette. Earth tones like browns, grays, and greens are perfect choices for a rustic space. Natural wood and stone tones are also excellent choices for your bathroom transformation.

Repurposed Items

You can achieve rustic charm by incorporating repurposed items into your bathroom. Old wood beams (treated to enhance moisture resistance) can add structure to your makeover. You can replace your current sink vanity with a vintage one that brims with rustic style. Vintage knobs and handles are small touches that enhance the character of your space. As a focal point, consider adding an old claw-foot tub to the space.

Natural Materials

Another way to enhance your makeover is to bring in natural materials to your bathroom like stone, wood, marble, and plants. The rustic aesthetic is a celebration of natural style. Decorating with organic items–even if they embody differing styles–can tie your space together, giving it a unified look. Adding plants is a terrific idea from a decorative point of view as they add to a space’s inviting ambience, but houseplants have air purifying properties, so it makes sense to hang a fern or two in you made-over setting.

Keep It Simple

Simplicity is a tenet of rustic style. Instead of ornate decorations, opt for clean and simple lines. Avoid busy patterns or overly polished elements that denote alternative decorative styles. If you do opt for a busy pattern like toile, for instance, keep everything else simple so as not to compete with a single standout feature.

Industrial Touches

The industrial style often includes rustic, unfinished features. Elements like exposed brickwork, unfinished wood vanities and other built-ins, utilitarian surfaces, and salvaged objects can lend industrial-chic style to your décor.

Cottage / Farmhouse Charm

If you enjoy the cottage or farmhouse look, you can incorporate these decorative styles into your rustic bathroom makeover. Consider installing open barn wood shelving into your design plan. Shiplap walls or distressed paint will evoke these styles well. You can also pin your bathroom’s look on regional styles like French country farmhouse, Western cabin, or coastal cottage.


To complete your bathroom makeover, choose accents like artwork and toiletry containers that feature rustic designs. Whether your decorative tastes steer toward antlers and horseshoes or wreathes and baskets, you can easily find wall and shelf accents that will promote your design scheme.

A rustic bathroom can prove to be an inviting space that’s warm, comfortable, and utterly functional. Our team of pros can help you create a makeover plan that suits your style as well as your budget. Contact us to get started.

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