Selecting a New Front Door

Entry doors have to wear a lot of hats. They need to protect your entrance from rain and wind–maybe even snow depending on where you live. They guard against the hot sun and certainly need to prevent intruders from entering your home. Finally, they need to put their best face forward and enhance the look of your home’s exterior and, ideally, ramp up its curb appeal. If you are in the market for a new front door, keep the following ideas in mind.

Do You Need a New Front Door?

If your front door is made of wood or wood veneer, it may be suffering from cracking or even warping. Older doors tend to be constructed from wood, so they can suffer after years of exposure to the outdoor elements. Older doors may not provide the level of security you want for your house either. Fortunately, there is a wide array of door styles on the market today. You can easily find a door that suits your needs, the style of your home, and your wallet.

Wood Doors

Wood doors are still commonly purchased by homeowners because of their strength and innate beauty. If your home is older, you might be inclined to choose a wood door to stay true to its decorative era. You’ll find wood doors in many styles sporting finishes like cherry, mahogany, oak, maple, walnut, and others. Custom wood doors are going to come with a substantial price tag, but you can order precisely what you want in terms of wood, finish, style, window, etc…If you purchase a stock wood door, you’ll save money, but the door’s core it likely to be made with an engineered wood core topped by wood veneer.

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass doors are popular door options because they are virtually maintenance free. They perfectly mimic the look of wood and can be stained to your liking. Fiberglass doors are budget-friendly options that are available in a myriad of styles, though the higher-end models can be just as pricey as other door options. If you’re concerned about energy efficiency, a windowless fiberglass door is one of your best bets for optimum insulation in winter and summer.

Steel Door

If security is a top priority, you might want to opt for a steel door. Steel doors do not warp or crack. They’re also stronger than wood or fiberglass options. Steel doors sport versatile looks and are just as easy to repair as wood doors if they suffer from a dent or other type of issue. Resistant to rust, steel doors are designed to last and require little maintenance. Plus, steel doors have great insulation properties, so they can even enhance the energy efficiency of your interior space.

We specialize in new front door installation. Keep in mind that your door is only as strong as its frame. We can inspect, repair, and ensure that your entrance door frame is in optimum condition. We can also help you locate a door is perfectly in keeping with the style of your house. Contact us today to schedule your new front door installation.

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