Shed Designs for Your Backyard

A backyard shed can be multifunctional or designed for one specific function. While there are many shed types that can be purchased for your property, you can also design your own or modify a commercial product to suit your needs. Whatever you choose, we can help you site and install your shed so that it provides you with the functionality you’re looking for.

Storage Shed

A typical storage shed is designed for stowing multiple types of materials–typically items that you’d use outdoors like a lawnmower and landscaping tools. While these items can also be stored in the garage, they can cause clutter. An outdoor shed made from vinyl or other weather-resistant material will keep your yard tools dry and secure. They may also be more easily accessible when stored in a space designed specifically for them. Vinyl and metal sheds are available in multiple sizes, so even if you need to store large equipment like a riding mower or snowmobiles, you’ll have little trouble locating the size you require.

Garden Shed

A garden shed can provide you with a convenient place to put your plants, organize garden and landscaping tools, and store frequently needed items like potting soil, fertilizer, and watering cans. A garden shed might include more windows and better ventilation than other types of sheds because they provide a shelter and place to work for the gardener. You can outfit your garden shed with a workbench, shelves, and other features that will enhance your garden work.


You can purchase or design an outdoor shed that functions as an outdoor living space. If you enjoy spending time in your garden, you can transform your shed into an outdoor office or a cozy tea room. You can design your shed and select the number of windows you’d like it to have as well as materials for its foundation, walls, and roof. In addition, you can even design a shed that complements your home structure and landscape.


An outdoor shed can function as a playhouse and storage unit for kids’ toys and gear. If your children enjoy spending time outdoors, this type of shed is sure to enhance their play. Your playhouse shed can include multiple windows, bench seating that doubles as storage, and even a space to enjoy and outdoor lunch. A larger shed can even accommodate kids’ bicycles, wagons, and other common play things.

Man Cave

There are lots of different shed styles today. If you’re considering transforming one into a man cave, you might opt for a log-cabin style shed or an industrial-chic model. Ventilation is important, so you’ll want plenty of windows. We can even help you run electricity to your new man cave so that you can hook up a television or portable fan.

A shed can provide the extra storage space you’re looking for to keep those odds and ends neatly organized. On the other hand, it can even be transformed into added living space. Discuss your needs with us so we can help you choose the right structure for you.

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