Sidewalk Pavers and Garden Paths

Are you looking for an outdoor project that enhances your landscape’s aesthetic appeal as well as its functionality? Consider installing new sidewalk pavers and garden paths. Hardscape features make a visually pleasing contrast to your plantings, but they can also be incredibly useful. Paved walkways and paths allow you and visitors to your property easily traverse it. Today, there is a wide array of options to choose from when upgrading or installing new pavers for your setting.

Is This a Do-It-Yourself Project?

Some people do elect to pave their own walkways and install garden paths from pavers. Just keep in mind that considerable expense can go into the tools and equipment required to create these features as well as for the pavers themselves. Achieving a professional look is paramount because a well-done job can enhance your curb appeal–even support home value. If you don’t install pavers and paths properly, they won’t last and that can even become hazards for people. To create paths from pavers, the ground needs to be leveled and prepared with under-layers for a successful install. Unless you have experience creating these outdoor features, it’s best to contact us, as we have the level of expertise–as well as the tools–needed for the job.


Homeowners have many options when it comes to materials. You can begin to get ideas for materials by searching online or even visiting your nearby home improvement center or garden center where pavers are sold. If you’re looking for economical but durable options, consider concrete. You can purchase concrete pavers in various styles and colors. Concrete pavers also come in many different shapes and sizes.

Concrete isn’t the only option, of course. Brick paths are pricier options, but they can greatly ramp up your home’s curb appeal. Talk to us about the different types of pave stone available.


What’s your ideal garden and landscape style? Ultra-modern? English cottage? Spanish hacienda? Zen-inspired? You can design walkways and paths that embody a specific aesthetic. When making your design, you’ll want to consider whether you prefer a formal or informal look for your pathways. On the formal side, you can use small pavers to create an upscale design. To save money, you can use a line of flagstones to make your paths.

Important Considerations

When you plan your garden paths and other walkway, consider their use. Will you need to push a wheelbarrow down a path? Are you paths strictly for walking? What about other yard / lawn equipment? When designing your walkways, be sure to consider how you intend them to be used.

Also, talk to us about installing borders along your path to prevent erosion. You might want to include other features in your paved walkway, too, such as steps and built-in planters.

Landscape and garden paths and walkways are vital for creating walkways. Take your time when planning these features so you can achieve a successful design and installation. Remember, we are your experienced contractor and we can help!

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