Stairway Makeover Ideas

Your stairway is an important feature of your home. You can make it over to complement your décor or even enhance the functionality of your house. We feature a wide array of solutions to help you transform your stairway. Here are few to keep in mind as you contemplate your stairway renovation.

Stencil Décor

Consider a fun new stencil design to make your stairs a decorative focal point. Try stencils and paint to create a subtle step design or something more dramatic with loads of color. There is a myriad of stencil designs to choose from. Lets select something that complements the style of your house or your room décor.


Transform the look of your stairs with tile. We can install replicas of antique or vintage-inspired tiles to adorn your stairs. Real tile is durable and when you add them to the risers of your steps, you can create a one-of-a-kind home feature. We have contractors on our team who are expert tile cutters. It’s important to complete this work professionally for a stylish upgrade.

Go Ombre

Looking for a trendy option for your stairway makeover? Consider painting your step risers with ombre hues. We can help select a main color and various shades to create a distinctive look for your stairs. The progressive shading of ombre hues works great for both short and long staircases.

Recessed Wall Shelving

The walls of your stairwell are great for showcasing art or family photos, but they can also be revamped to include recessed shelving. You can use these shelves to showcase special collections like pottery or sports memorabilia. We can design shelving to complement your staircase and interior décor.

Under-Stairway Storage

Want to access the area beneath your steps to create additional storage space for your home? Lets evaluate your home’s structure to determine if it’s possible to add storage space under your stairwell. We can outfit this area with open or enclosed storage as you see fit. It may be possible to add shelving to create an under-stairway library space. Or possibly cabinetry for cleaning items, linens, or other household items.

Under-Stairway Office

The space under your stairs can be transformed to improve the functionality of your home. As technology has gotten smaller over the years, it may no longer be necessary for you to devote an entire room to your home office needs. We can help you design and install a small office space that is a custom fit for the area under your stairway. Need electrical to run to the space? No problem. We can install the wiring needed to meet your needs.

Keep these ideas in mind as you contemplate your stairway makeover. Lets renovate your stairs to suit your aesthetic taste or to fulfill a needed function. We can also help you source materials like wood, hardware, and even paint. Our goal is to renovate in a manner that enhances your home–its value and your enjoyment of it. Get in touch with us and we can go over your ideas.

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