The Benefits of Cedar Decks

When it comes to deck building, the choice of materials has long been cedar. While some people choose composite decking material to build their deck, nothing has been able to replicate the attractive appearance of genuine cedar. If you are interested in building an amazing deck for your home, you will certainly want to consider the many benefits that cedar offers.

It’s Gorgeous

Many people opt for cedar to build their decks because it’s as simply beautiful wood. A completed deck is going to impact the aesthetic appeal of your home, so it makes sense to choose a material that is going to enhance its appearance. You can also choose cedar planking that will complement the style of your home. Whether your home is traditional, contemporary, or rustic, you can expect cedar to pair easily with its look.


Cedar might be top-notch in the looks department, but it’s no slouch when it comes to durability either. Naturally, homeowners need a deck that’s going to last. A well-made deck is essentially for safety. Many builders opt for cedar because they understand how durable and strong it is as a material. Because cedar is durable, you shouldn’t have to make major repairs to your deck every few years. Cedar has natural properties that make it resident to rot and mildew, so you can depend on it to last.


Cedar wood, even when untreated, is not prone to moisture absorbance. Western cedar, in particular, is an outstanding choice for withstanding harsh storms and weather fluctuations. Of course, treating your cedar will make it that much more resistant to the elements. Our builders favor cedar because of its natural weather-resistant properties.

Smart Investment

Building a deck is an investment in your home. Because genuine cedar requires little maintenance over time, it’s a cost-saving material. Although your initial investment might be more up front than you might pay for other building materials, you’ll save in the long term because cedar is a low-maintenance material. Cedar is also easier than many materials to work with, so builders often charge less in labor costs.


A cedar deck is an asset for your home. If you expect to sell your home in the future, you should note that a deck made from an inferior wood could be a deal breaker for some home buyers. Most people realize that cedar is one of the best choices for deck construction. House hunters may not want to purchase a house with a high-maintenance deck or one that features a largely unattractive deck.

There are lots of options when it comes to selecting materials for deck construction. We’ve consulted with many homeowners to help them choose the ideal material for their project. We strongly believe in cedar’s advantages. While we’re open to building decks using other materials, of course, we want our clients to understand the pros and cons of each. If you’re considering building a deck for your home, contact us. We can help you source materials like cedar for a fair cost. We can also help you design your deck so that it meets your household’s needs.

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