Thematic Patio Makeovers

Creating a theme for your patio is a terrific way to elevate your outdoor experience and achieve a pleasing design aesthetic that’s sure to complement your home. Patio upgrades can even add value to your home. If you are thinking of initiating an outdoor project in the coming months, you might want to talk to us about helping you improve your patio setting. We have some thematic ideas that are bound to enhance your enjoyment of your backyard.


Hacienda-style gardens and patios are perfect for homeowners who love to entertain or simply relax outdoors with family and friends. Traditional haciendas boast sprawling properties that make outstanding use of their settings to create spaces for outdoor living. You don’t have to have acres of land to achieve your own hacienda-style patio. Some features to consider, however, include a built grill, an outdoor bar, a fountain for dramatic flair, and planters filled with succulents and bright blooms that are commonly found in hacienda gardens. You might even include a wall mural to provide additional color to your patio. You can also outfit your patio with Spanish Colonial or Mexican-inspired furnishings.

French Provincial

If your idea of garden style is a water lily-strewn Monet painting, you might consider revamping your patio with a French provincial theme. French gardens in the style of Monet are relaxed settings complemented by pots of lavender and even a small garden pond. To achieve your French provincial patio, our crews can lay bricks for its foundation and add stone planters to specified locations. Even a small water feature can enhance your patio setting’s serene beauty. To create your ideal French garden, take time to look online at French provincial gardens to get some ideas. We’re always happy to work with our clients to create custom patio settings filled with the features they want.

Zen Style

If you crave a tranquil outdoor space, you might opt for a Zen-inspired thematic patio. We can help you select ideal materials to create your patio such as bamboo, cedarwood, and stone. Asian gardens may be formal or informal so you can customize the look of your patio to suit your lifestyle. We can top your patio with a Japanese-style pergola or build a teahouse-like structure where you can relax in quiet solitude. Tell us about how you want to use your patio so we can help you design a space that meets all your needs.

Tropical Island

Just because you can’t always fly to Maui or Tahiti on a whim doesn’t mean you can’t evoke a hint of their beauty in your own backyard. You can create a tropical-themed patio even if you can’t leave your tropical plants outdoors all year long. We can help you create an island-themed patio with driftwood features, boardwalk-planked foundations, and even water features like a waterfall or cascade.

A theme can help you tie your patio décor together to create the backyard getaway of your dreams. We can help you find excellent deals on materials and install the features you need to complement your idea of outdoor living. Contact us to find out how we can help.

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