Tips to Create a Modern Farmhouse Pantry

A spacious farmhouse pantry can transform the way you use your kitchen. A space for storage, it can also be renovated to include space for preparing food and even washing dishes. A modern farmhouse pantry can include a wide array of amenities that will make you love your kitchen. Use the following tips to create a farmhouse pantry that suits your household needs.


To get the most out of your new farmhouse pantry, you need to have the space to install it. If you have a pantry currently, you may wish to expand its footprint. If you don’t have one, you can build one within the confines of your kitchen space or by borrowing a section of space from an adjoining room. The more space you’re able to devote, the more storage and other features you can include in your pantry design. Ideally, you’ll want enough space to create a walk-in pantry for a true farmhouse experience.

Open Shelving

For your farmhouse pantry, you’ll want to install open shelving. You can include shelving that wraps around the walls to make the most of your vertical space. Create a farmhouse look using rustic wood. The shelves will provide you with ample storage for your containers of sugar, flour, and other foodstuffs as well as kitchen implements you may only use periodically like your slow cooker, Dutch oven, or stock pots.


Having a sink in your pantry can make life in your kitchen much easier for you and your household. A second kitchen sink allows you to wash or prepare kitchen items without tying up your main sink. Or, while using your main sink, your family can make use of the pantry sink. If you’re having company, it’s ideal to store used dishes in your second sink so you can keep your main kitchen looking its best for guests.


If you have the plumbing hookups with your sink, you may as well take the second step and install a dishwasher in your farmhouse pantry. This added pantry functionality is ideal if you have a large household or do lots of entertaining. If you have a nearby bar, you can even use this second dishwasher for your barware.


Having additional counter space to prepare food or perform tasks related to food storage is an essential part of your farmhouse pantry. You can use your counter to transfer foodstuffs flour or pasta to your glass containers. This means you can keep the kitchen counters in the main part of your kitchen clear and clean.

Cabinets and Drawers

You can install a bank or two of under-counter cabinets and drawers to store a wide array of kitchen items like your baking ware, mixer, and various cooking gadgets. Having adequate storage space enhances your kitchen’s functionality and helps to keep it clutter free. When everything has a place, you will find that your kitchen is a pleasure to work in.

Let us help you create a farmhouse pantry that will complement your kitchen. We can add other features, too, aside from those outlined here. You might want to add a wine cooler, second refrigerator, pot rack, and other features to this space. Contact us to help you create your design.

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