Understanding the Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are revered for their beauty, but this type of flooring is also durable and versatile. If you are considering flooring options for various rooms in your home, it’s important to find out how hardwood can enhance your home. Get to know hardwood’s many benefits so you can make the right choice for your living space.


Hardwood floors are revered for their durability. High-quality hardwood that’s well maintained will typically last a lifetime–often longer. There are many types of hardwood floors to choose from, but when searching for the most durable options, you should consider the thickness of the wood as well as the type. A tough finish can also enhance the floor’s durability and help it to better stand up to households with heavy foot traffic and pets.


One of the great things about hardwood is that it’s so versatile. An oak floor will pair just as easily with a rustic country style, industrial-chic décor or a formal, traditional décor. Whether your living space is contemporary or vintage inspired, a hardwood floor is sure to pair easily with any decorative plan. If you’re someone who likes to change your décor or furnishings often, a wood floor will provide you with a versatile foundation from which to build on.

Add Value to Your Home

Hardwood remains an excellent investment because it can add value to the home. Buyers tend to pay more for homes with hardwood than homes with carpeting. Hardwood is a major selling point that buyers seek out when house hunting. It’s been shown that buyers will pay more for homes with hardwood floors already installed.

Fade Resistant

While carpets do fade, hardwood holds its hues. Well-maintained hardwood floors will look better longer than many other flooring options.

Can Be Refinished

Many flooring options need to be discarded and replaced when they wear out. Hardwood, on the other hand, can be refinished so that it looks as good as new. Refinishing a floor is far more cost effective than replacing one. Our contractors routinely refinish hardwood floors for clients, but homeowners can also rent equipment to refinish their flooring over a weekend.

Visual Interest

Wood flooring comes in slender or wide planks. It can feature different grains that add visual appeal to the décor. Different finish options can also enhance a hardwood floor’s beauty. For an exotic look, opt for teak or Brazilian woods. If you want a more traditional look, opt for maple or oak hardwood flooring.

Easy to Maintain

Finally, a great benefit of hardwood is that it’s so easy to maintain. Weekly sweeping and dry mopping will keep your floor looking great on a regular basis. In many cases, hardwood floors only require a deep cleaning once a year. A thorough monthly cleaning with wood soap can help keep your flooring looking its best too. You can also vacuum a hardwood floor to remove dust and debris.

Hardwood is a terrific option for any style home. If you’re interested in installing a new hardwood floor, be sure to contact us. We’ll help you select and source a hardwood floor that’s perfect for your home.

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