Update Your Bathroom on a Budget

Are you ready to update your bathroom without spending a fortune? There are plenty of ways to achieve a new look for this most functional of spaces. A partial renovation or some simple makeover measures can transform your bathroom in terms of both appearance and functionality. Consider these cost-effective ideas when updating your bathroom space.

New Paint

Painting is one of the least expensive ways to achieve a completely new look for your bathroom. When selecting paint, you’ll want to choose a brand that’s designed to hold up to the moisture-prone setting of your bathroom. It’s also important to choose a paint that’s easy to clean. We can help you choose a high-quality paint with a satin finish–the ideal finish for bathroom spaces. Consider a trend-right hue like lilac-gray, misty aqua, or soft clay.

Buy Used Materials

Want to add upscale features like vintage fixtures or crown molding to your bathroom? Consider shopping at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore or other types of used home furnishing centers. You can often find spectacular deals on pieces that brim with character. In fact, you might begin your makeover by visiting a few of these stores. A single find like a vintage painted sink could prove to be the design inspiration for your renovation project.

Refinish the Tub

A new tub can cost thousands plus installation. You can have your old tub refinished for about $800. Similarly, you can refinish other elements of the bathroom like the vanity. You can paint it complement your new wall color. Consider adding new hardware to your vanity, too. New draw pulls and knobs might cost you a total of $30–and they’ll completely update the look for this piece.

Change the Soft Features

A new shower curtain, rugs, curtains, and bathroom linens can go a long way to changing the look of your bathroom. If you’re looking for something unique for your shower curtain, head to the fabric store. If you can sew a straight seam, you can make your own shower curtain. Just use a cheap plastic liner to protect it. You can also make curtains to match your new shower curtain too.

Open Storage

Add a few hanging shelves complemented by an open-concept design. Shelving allows you to keep the floor space open and free from clutter. You can add coordinating baskets to your shelves for storing items like toiletries and washcloths. We can install your shelving so that it’s sound and secure. You can create a shelving system using reclaimed wood, which will save you money on your renovation.

New Faucet and Shower Head

It doesn’t require much investment to change your bathroom faucets and shower head. These small changes can make a big difference to the look of your room. Consider bronze fixtures or even gold. A new shower head can also enhance the comfort of your room.

If you need any assistance making changes to your powder room or master bathroom suite, we can help. Whatever the style, we can provide you with an attractive new look for your space.

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