Update Your Kitchen Lighting

Today’s kitchens are as stylish as they are functional. To that end, they require lighting that enhances the look of the space but also provides great illumination to enhance all the food preparation tasks that go on there. If you are making over your kitchen, you’ll want to carefully consider the lighting options that are available in multiple decorative styles. From flush mounts to pendants, lighting features are essential for this space, but you’ll want to choose fixtures that fulfill your lighting needs.

Dining Area

Depending on the size of your kitchen, you might opt for multiple lighting fixtures to illuminate your space. One of the first places you’ll want to install lighting is above your dining space. You might opt for one of the many chandelier styles available in the marketplace today. We can help you install this fixture so that it’s suspended to perfectly light your table. A pendant light is also a great choice for this area as it provides light while adding visual interest to your vertical space.


The kitchen island frequently does double duty as a breakfast counter and the place where multiple food preparation tasks are performed. Your kitchen island requires optimum light to fulfill your lighting needs. You might want to choose an eco-friendly option like an LED fixture that provides direct light from one side of your island to the other. Consider the types of activities performed at your island as you choose a fixture for this area.

Overhead Lighting

If your kitchen is on the small side, a single overhead fixture placed centrally might be the ideal way to light your room. A flush mount or semi-flush light might suffice or you might opt for a strip-light fixture to illuminate this area. We can help you determine the best size fixture for any size room in order to ensure that you’re getting the optimum light you need to perform all of your kitchen tasks and functions.

Under-Cabinet Lighting

You can enhance the tasks you perform at your counter with under-cabinet lighting. An eco-friendly lighting strip is ideal for this purpose. A puck light is ideal for creating an isolated amount of light that’s concentrated in one space. You might choose this option for the area of your coffee maker. Under cabinet lighting is relatively easy to install and can make a big difference in your day-to-day use of your counter.

Lighting Where You Need It

If you have deep cabinets, you may want to install some type of light to enhance visibility. You can easily add interior cabinet lighting to both upper and lower cabinetry. Think about lighting deep kitchen drawers as well.

When choosing lighting fixtures for your kitchen, it’s vital to consider the level of brightness you’ll need to perform specific kitchen tasks. We can help you source light fixtures that produce the level of light you need, but also with an eye toward energy conservation. We routinely install kitchen lighting and can ensure that your new lighting features are installed with safety and expertise.

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