Upgrades That Help You Conserve Water in Your Home

Water conservation is extremely important to many of our customers. When it comes to new constructions and renovations, clients are hoping to install features that can help them conserve water inside and outside their home.


An aerator requires just a small investment of a few dollars and some easy installation. An aerator allows you to easily adjust faucets to use less water. We can help you install a WaterSense-certified faucet aerator that can help you save roughly 700 gallons of water each year. The EPA recommends that homeowners use WaterSense aerators to help reduce the water’s flow rate. If you aren’t sure what aerator product to select, we can help.


Installing a new WaterSense toilet will provide you with the opportunity to save up to 1,350 gallons of water each month. Although standard toilets are cheaper to purchase than WaterSense toilets by about $150, but the long-term savings are considerable. If your home has an old toilet or several old toilets, you might consider an upgrade. There is a wide array of styles to choose from in order to complement your bathroom’s décor.


The EPA suggests that if a family replaces just a single showerhead with a WaterSense model, they might conserve about 2,900 gallons of water each year. By changing more than one showerhead, the savings increases substantially. This cost-savings also extends to energy bills because less water in the shower means less water to heat. According to Consumer Reports, a decent water-conserving showerhead for your bathroom shower can be purchased for roughly $30. We can even install it for you.

Drip Irrigation System

A drip irrigation system will include features like microsprays, soaker hoses, and emitters. These systems may be operated manually by hand or hooked up to an automatic controller. These systems are approximately 90% more efficient than surface-type watering methods. A drip irrigation system will deliver water right to the plant’s roots where they need it. There’s no need to worry about evaporation or water run off because the watering takes place under the surface.

New Dishwasher

If you have an older dishwasher, it may not be water efficient. You’ll want to choose an Energy Star model because it can save as much as 10 gallons per load. While a new model might cost about $500, the eventual cost-savings will certainly help to offset it cost and help you to conserve more water.

New Washing Machine

Conventional washing machines use about 40 gallons of water. A new energy-efficient model will reduce those gallons down to 23. Simply be sure to choose an Energy Star model. Again, it’s an upfront cost to invest in new energy-efficient appliances, but it will save money and water in the end.

If you are searching for ways to help you conserve water, be sure to consider these upgrades. They don’t involve too much upheaval to your home. Contact us if you need help installing new water-saving upgrades. You can also consult us about other energy-saving upgrades that will help you reduce your energy bills.

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