Using Reclaimed Materials in Your Renovation Project

If you’re planning to do some renovating, consider using reclaimed materials to complete your project. You can find high-quality reclaimed materials that will not only add value to your project, but also style. Additionally, using reclaimed wood and other materials is a green alternative to purchasing new materials. When planning your renovation project, talk to us about employing previously used materials to enhance your remodeling or renovation project.

Vintage Doors

Add some vintage flair to your home’s renovation project by adding an old door to the mix. Often crafted from hardwood, old doors may feature special details that can enhance the look of your setting. You can enhance your door by visiting a salvage center to find a retro door handle or even vintage hinges. Even doors that have imperfections can be refinished to look good as new. Consider vintage doors for bedrooms, closets, or even entrances.


Reclaimed wood can be a versatile material to work with. If you want to panel an area of your home, consider installing reclaimed wood panels to create a timeless look for your setting. You can add rustic charm to your den or a bathroom or completely revamp your kitchen with paneled wainscoting painted in a refreshingly bright shade.

Old Windows

Old windows aren’t very energy efficient, but they can be refashioned to make eclectic room dividers. If you have a setting you’d like to divide but don’t want to install walls, consider using floor-to-ceiling windows to create a barrier. Windows will allow natural light to permeate the space while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your setting. We can help you locate windows that will meet your needs.


Old brick may appear weathered, but this type of material can still create a dramatic hardscape feature for your landscape or patio. You can use reclaimed brick to rim a small garden pond or other water feature. You can also use brick to create raised planters for your front or back yard garden.

Sinks and Tubs

An antique sink or claw foot tub can provide the dramatic focal point you’re look for to enhance your bathroom renovation. You can install period pieces that not only elevate the décor of your bathroom, but also its functionality. These old bathroom fixtures were built to stand the test of time. You can still find antique tubs and sinks in outstanding condition. These vintage pieces can also be refurbished for use in your home.

By employing reclaimed materials in your home, you can create a unique look for your setting. We can help you design a space that is unlike any other. Be sure to visit salvage centers near your home to peruse recycled materials that might be absolutely perfect for your next renovation project. Or contact us should you have any questions on how recycled materials can be utilized in your next renovation project.


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