Using Reclaimed Wood in Your Remodeling or Renovation Project

Reclaimed wood is revered for its unique good looks and individual character. It’s a popular material used by designers and contractors today because, aside from its beauty, it’s also environmentally friendly. If you can repurpose reclaimed wood into your upcoming renovation project, you’ll enhance the eco-friendly design of your house. Whether you use this material to create flooring for your living space or a chic mantelpiece, you’ll love how reclaimed wood looks and performs.

Sourcing Reclaimed Wood

Using reclaimed wood is a popular trend in both residential and commercial settings. Many reputable sellers are making it easier to find this material by featuring it in their inventories. However, some not-so-reputable sellers are also trying to pass off inferior wood as “reclaimed.” To avoid purchasing non-reclaimed wood, be sure that the seller offers some guarantees with purchase. In addition, you can also trust us to source genuine reclaimed wood for you. We’ll work with you to locate the type of reclaimed wood you’re looking for to make your project a success.

Cost of Reclaimed Wood

Some homeowners are surprised that a ‘used’ material can actually cost more than new material. This is often the case with reclaimed wood. Sellers of reclaimed wood have to take considerable pains to get the wood into usable condition. In many cases, they need to undergo the painstaking process of removing nails. They may need to treat the wood in case it contains toxins (i.e. from previous finishes or paint). Essentially, dealers have to ensure that the wood contains no pests or has warped or bent.

How Can You Use Reclaimed Wood in Your Renovation Project?

Our contractors use reclaimed wood in all sorts of home and commercial construction projects. Flooring is a popular use for reclaimed wood. It brings the character and look of hardwood to the setting but doesn’t contribute to deforestation. Wall paneling is another way to bring reclaimed wood into your renovation. You can feature it in your kitchen, dining room, or living room to bring a rustic or industrial-chic look into your space. Building a new deck? You can use reclaimed wood outdoors too!

Many designers are featuring reclaimed wood to make built-ins like kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. You can also use this material to make shelves, doors, ceiling beams, or millwork. The possibilities are seemingly endless. You can use reclaimed wood just as you would other types of timber, but it has a singular look that will definitely enhance the style of your space.

If you want to feature reclaimed wood in your upcoming design project, talk to us about helping you source and install this versatile material. We can also help you finish it to your specifications so you can achieve the perfect design. Want to use reclaimed timber to make accent pieces for your home like a new headboard, frames, or rails? We can do that too. Contact us and tell us how you want to add reclaimed wood to your home or business’s interior or exterior.

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