Water Features for Your Patio and Garden

Often, when homeowners want to add a focal point to their gardens, they turn to water. Backyard water features amazingly add both life and tranquility to a garden setting. A quiet pond can become a place of serenity. A small cascade can enliven a space while, simultaneously, complementing the tranquility of your landscape. Today, there are many types of water features that range from large-scale projects to table-top features. We help our clients plan and install wide range of backyard features, including patio hot tubs, garden ponds, basins, cascades, fountains, and much more.


Garden ponds can range in size dramatically, but in all cases, they can add focal point charm to the setting. There are several types of garden ponds to consider for your home. We can install small formal ponds that are roughly the size of a child’s pool. We can also install larger, less formal pools that provide a habitat for wildlife in your setting. Think about what you want your pond to accomplish. Do you want to keep Koi? Do you want to grow lily pads? We will help you decide on a design that’s perfect for you.


Fountains can also provide an attractive feature for the garden. We help homeowners install fountains they’ve obtained from their home improvement center to custom, one-of-a-kind fountains that can be found nowhere else. If you want a simply yet distinctive fountain for your patio area, consider a wall fountain. If you are looking for a focal point for the middle of your yard, consider a large-scale fountain that features an elegant modern design or a classical scene. In some cases, we’ve installed fountains within ponds to add more life and movement to water features.

Waterfalls and Cascades

Over the years, many of our clients have asked us what they can do with their landscape slope, which is often difficult to mow or landscape with plants. Where homeowners see a difficult mowing situation, we envision waterfalls and cascades. A natural slope is a great foundation for creating a cascade or waterfall. However, even if you don’t have a slope, we can help you create a small-scale waterfall or gentle cascade that adds undeniable natural beauty to your setting.


If you don’t want to dig up your yard to install a pond, you might want to consider a less aggressive water feature project and opt for a basin. You can transform a boulder or large rock into a backyard basin or purchase a ready-made basin to complement the ambience of your patio setting. You’ll find that basins range in style from Asian-style features to European or Hacienda-style basins.

Other water features to consider include hot tubs, pools, table-top basins, rain chains, and more. Many of these features can be installed to operate on solar energy. If you are interested in enhancing your backyard setting, we encourage you to consider how a water feature can add a majestic touch to a special niche of your property.

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