What’s New in Bathroom Sinks?

Renovating or updating your bathroom is a great way to add value to your home. Of course, if you plan to stay in your home, these upgrades can add to your enjoyment of it. One of the most common bathroom upgrades is a new sink. As you shop for this bathroom essential, you’ll discover that you have many options. Some of the following brim with trend-right appeal, but also have real staying power that’s sure to improve the look and functionality of your bathroom.

Bright Brass and Gold Fixtures

If you’re looking for a fresh look for your bathroom, outfit your bathroom sink with bright brass and gold fixtures. While gleaming chrome continues in popularity when it comes to hardware, vintage-inspired brass and gold fixtures are sure to elevate the look of your décor. You’ll also find modern bathroom fixtures in bold shades of brass and gold.

Sinks with a Mirrored Finish

You can brighten your bathroom by installing a sink with a glamorous mirrored finish. While you can select a sink basin with this finish, you’ll also find mirrored vanities to complement the effect. Currently, there are mirrored sinks in many different styles that range from vintage to contemporary-chic. Mirrored sinks tend to go with most color schemes and decorative styles so they’re definitely an option for people who love to change their décor regularly.

Touch-Free Sinks

Enhance your smart bathroom by installing a touch-free sink complete with touch-free soap dispensers. This ultra-modern feature isn’t just for department stores and upscale eateries. You can install this feature at home to create a sleek look for your space. With touch-free operation, your sink will require less routine cleaning as an added bonus.

Minimalist Wall Mounts

Minimalist wall mounts are the ultimate space-saving solution for compact bathrooms. We can install a wall-mounted sink for you. Once you select the perfect porcelain model for your master bath or powder room, we can fix it to the wall and ready it for use.

Oversized Sinks

You may have noticed the recent trend for farmhouse sinks in kitchens. This trend is now extending to the bathroom. Oversized farmhouse-style bathroom sinks are in serious vogue this year. An oversized sink is perfect for busy households where multiple kids line up at once to wash hands for supper.

Shapely Modern Vessels

Many people are opting to top their bathroom vanities with distinctively shaped vessels. This is a great way to add modern flair to your décor. You can find vessels in recognizable shapes like squares and oblong bowls, but there are also some abstract shapes that can be fitted to your vanity.

Art Glass Sinks

Art glass sinks are available in multiple shapes and in a wide array of hues. From metallic copper glass bowls to green glass leaf-shaped basins, glass sinks will add both elegance and functionality to your bathroom. Plus, these art glass sinks are designed for easy cleaning.

When you’re ready to install your new bathroom sink, just contact us and we’ll install it for you. We can also help you design and implement the rest of your bathroom makeover. Contact us to get started.

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