What’s So Great about Subway Tile?

Tile in itself is an incredibly versatile and durable material, but subway tile, in particular, has enjoyed some serious staying power among home builders and designers. One of the many reasons subway tile in its various forms is so prized by interior designers and home owners like is because it is right at home in both contemporary-chic homes and vintage-inspired homes. Named in reference with its early use in New York City subway stations, subway tile is an excellent choice for multiple areas in your home regardless of its decorative scheme.

It’s Splashtastic

Using subway tile to create a backsplash for your kitchen sink is a popular to feature this versatile material. Although white subway choice remains a backsplash favorite, consider changing up your style and opting for black tiles. If you want to really mix up the look of the tile, you can ask our installers to create a pattern that features both vertical and horizontal placement. Backsplashes made with subway tile are easy to clean and will enhance both the style and functionality of your kitchen. Because it resists moisture so well, subway tile is a staple in both kitchens and bathrooms.


One of the great features of subway tile is its price tag. Subway tile is more affordable than designer or specialty tiles that will invariably ramp up your renovations costs. In fact, homeowners who still want to add antique or designer tiles can still do so because subway tile pairs so easily with other types of tile. Your designer tiles will stand out even more against a backdrop of white subway tile. You can use glass tiles or painted tiles as colorful accents, while tiling the bulk of the space with subway tile.

Easy to Maintain

If you’re looking for a material that’s easy to maintain, subway tile scores high marks with many of our clients. You can use subway tile to tile your kitchen or even your entire bathroom for easy cleaning. A clean look is always in style. Some homeowners also opt to use subway tile in their laundry room, mud room, and basement. In fact, many people have begun to tile their fireplaces with subway tile because it can handle high heat. Subway tile can be used on walls or floors where it can enhance household hygiene with its moisture-resistance and easy-to-clean surface.

It’s Vintage; It’s Modern

Subway tile is a go-to material for many interior designers. Whether you are looking for a tile for your Art-Deco-style bathroom or your ultra-modern loft, subway tile plays nicely with a myriad of old and new decorative styles. Not too many materials can boast this extraordinary level of versatility barring hardwood and glass. No matter what your style happens to be, there’s a good chance that subway tile will work well with your decorative scheme.

If you are in the process of materials selection for your upcoming home improvement project, consider how subway tile can positively impact the look and functionality of your setting. With its many benefits, we feel sure you’ll love it once its installed in your home. Contact us  on the various options available, we’re here to help.


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