A name and service you can trust for all
your design and building needs.

You Need a Builder to Guide You

Deciding to remodel or build on your property can be overwhelming. You’ve gone to Google looking for straightforward answers on what to do, only to end up more confused. You feel lost without a guide and builder you can trust. You need someone who can walk you through the tailored process of remodeling or building on your property.

Hometelligent is the Trusted Builder in the Bay Area

We understand how confusing it can be to locate all the right information about the design and building process online. This is why for over thirty years, we’ve been a trusted name in the Bay Area for your construction needs, guiding our clients from start to finish through a complex process.

The Hometelligent Way

The Philosophy We Build From

We are an integrity-driven company built on trust. We know clients want to do business with a company that is true to its word, so trust is a cornerstone of Hometelligent. People know they can rely on the character, ability, and value provided by our team and will be respected in every interaction.

The Quality We Guarantee

We are dedicated to high-quality standards and committed to delivering on our promises.

If something isn’t right, we will make it right for you.

The Follow-through That Makes Us Unique

Trust is built on follow-through, on meeting obligations and commitments as promised. Follow-through also means being transparent about potential problems that might affect the timing or the result.

We pride ourselves in making sure how we come through for you is second to none.

More About Our Founder

Silvio Dobrovat is a licensed contractor in the state of California. He combines a 19th-century work ethic with a 21st-century know-how and innovative approach, allowing him and his team to complete hundreds of projects over 30 years.

Silvio’s success began with his Father, who is committed to completing exceptional work. His Father’s extensive knowledge in building and architecture has spanned between the US and Europe, and the wealth of knowledge and expertise has now passed to Silvio and their growing Hometelligent team.

You won’t find a more experienced builder in the Bay Area. Our devotion to integrity and customer satisfaction drives us forward, helping us become the trusted guide and builder in the Bay Area.

Our Qualifications:

As a business owner and experienced general
contractor, Mr. Dobrovat is:

  •  EPA Certified
  •  Diamond certified.
  •  Holds a B1 General Building License and
  •  C17 Glazing License in the state of California.
  •  Fully Bonded & Insured Bonded and insured
  •  Green Building Certified, employing sustainable

materials and practices whenever possible.

Our list of numerous successful projects include:

  •  Remodels and additions
  •  Kitchen and bathroom updates
  •  Interior and exterior restorations
  •  Energy-efficient upgrades
  •  Glazing
  •  Window and skylight installation
  •  Fine carpentry
  •  ADU Construction

…and much more.


Book a Consult

Let’s hop on a call so we can better understand your ADU needs and feasibility and begin eliminating the confusion around the building process.

Explore Your Adu Options

Whether it’s a custom build or pre-fab solution, when we say tailored, we mean it. We’ll partner with the right architect to build the ADU you want.

Reap the Financial Benefits

Once we’ve completed your ADU, you’ll be set up cash in on your investment for years to come.

Confused and Overwhelmed About How the ADU Process Works?

Deciding and walking through the building process for any remodel or addition to your home can be overwhelming. Spending time searching for answers on the internet has become a lost cause because you want solid solutions and a clear path forward for what you desire.

We understand the pain. Download our Homeowners Guide to completing a successful ADU Project and get clear direction from a proven guide on what needs to happen (and when) to build the ADU of your dreams.

The Homeowners Guide to Completing a Successful Adu Project in the Bay Area.

All clarity and no confusion in our X Step Process.