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ADU Constructions

Do you have dead space in your home? Or do you need additional room for your parents? Perhaps you’re interested in creating an Airbnb space for another source of income? ADU construction (Accessory or Additional Dwelling Unit) add-ons are a popular option and we are the right team to do this for you!

An ADU construction add-on is a secondary structure that sits on the same lot as your home. It can be attached to or detached from the main dwelling. Examples of an ADU add-on are a detached garage with livable space above it or a guest house.

As remote work has become more prevalent, so have the requests of building ADU construction add-ons. This type of structure can provide flexible space for work and play. You could create a home office, a workshop, or an area dedicated to visiting friends and family. An ADU add-on is also a viable option for creating additional income as a rental space that sits on a property you already own.

A recent study found that an ADU add-on can contribute 25%-34% of additional value to a property’s assessment. It was also found to increase the resale value of a residential home by an average of 51%. The square footage of the ADU add-on contributes to the overall square footage of your home.

There Are Several Benefits To ADU Construction

You already know the upside but you want to show your curious neighbors just how savvy you can be. Here are a few ways you can utilize an ADU:

You are utilizing land you already own and therefore the overall project is more affordable.

An ADU can provide additional income for homeowners when used as a rental property or Airbnb.

This type of structure allows multiple family members to co-habitat while maintaining privacy.

The flexibility of uses of an ADU, from a second living room to a mother-in-law suite to rental property, allows homeowners to repurpose the space as needed.

While ADUs are small to medium-sized additions ranging from 850-1,000 sq ft, Junior Accessory Dwellings Units (JADUs) are a maximum size of 500 sq ft and are contained within a single-family home. JADUs include efficient kitchens and sleeping quarters, and they offer flexibility when it comes to bathroom guidelines. A JADU can house its own bathroom or use the one available in the single-family property.

Both ADUs and JADUs must adhere to California’s requirements and be subject to various zoning regulations and rules, dependent on where you live. It is important to work with an experienced contractor who can help you navigate this process as a homeowner. For more information on how we can guide you along this ADU construction add-on process or for more examples of our work, contact Hometelligent at (855)248-8509.

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Do you have dead space in your home? Or do you need additional room for your parents?


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